Have you ever started an exercise program hoping that you would get motivated by results? You know, when you expect to see big changes in your body so you can get pumped to continue?

If so, you probably also felt your motivation going down the drain when the results didn’t meet your expectations, right?

Well, that’s what happens when we put all our focus on the outcome alone. The problem is that we CAN’T control how our bodies respond to change or how fast we’ll get results.

This type of thinking generates frustration and usually end up in you giving up altogether.

But if you shift the focus to things you can control like…

  • showing up for your training sessions on regular basis.
  • practicing a movement pattern until you master it.
  • progressively increasing the intensity of your workouts.

… you’ll see that your efforts are paying off but in a different way.

  • Exercises become easier.
  • You feel stronger, more comfortable with your training.
  • You build confidence and self-reliance.

Now that’s the type of motivation that will keep you going.

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