We change lives,

not just bodies.

Mind Body Transformations

Are you unhappy with your body?

Would you like to be comfortable in your own skin and in control of your behaviours?

If you feel…

That you haven't been taking care of yourself,

That your habits are out of control,

And that your body and health are paying the price…

You can do something about it

At BPT, we help you hop off the fitness rollercoaster and take a step towards deep health and wellbeing.

This means no more restrictive diets, no more unrealistic plans,

no more body hatred, no more feeling like a failure, no more shame.

Just small manageable steps towards a healthier and happier you.

Welcome to BodyPepTalk

We help you take control over your mind so you can change your body, your health and your life

Mind Body Coaching
Sustainable Behaviour Change
Holistic Approach
Small Simple Steps
Tailored Programs

How We Can Help You

Uncovering What Is Holding You Back

Unhelpful Patterns, Conflicting Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs

Discovering What You Really Want

Clear Goals, Motivation, Priorities, Commitment

Building Mind Skills

Emotional Competence, Stress Management, Adaptation to Change

Eliminating Negative Behaviours

Smoking,  Binge Drinking, Emotional Eating

Adopting Healthier Habits

Movement, Eating Patterns,

Rest and Recovery

Making Peace with Yourself

Self-Acceptance, Body Image, Confidence

"Change is hard. We're hardwired to resist change. And it's normal to have mixed feelings about it.

However, it's possible to make this process a little bit easier. All you need is a good strategy and plenty of support to endure the ups and downs of the journey."

Carla Torres

Head Coach

Is Your Mind Holding You Back?

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