Feel Amazing

in Your Own Skin

Mind Body Transformations

Are you tired of feeling inadequate, unworthy or ashamed of your body?

Do you want to be comfortable in your own skin and in control of your behaviours?

If you feel that your body is letting you down and that you are often judged by your appearance…

If you have tried losing weight many times, going from one trendy diet to the next without long term success…

If all you want is to live a normal life, free of the hassle of always trying to lose weight…

We can help you

It is time to hop off the weight-loss rollercoaster and take a step towards permanent change. Sustainable change in your behaviours that lead to sustainable change in your body.

This means no more restrictive diets, no more unrealistic exercise plans, no more body hatred, no more failure, no more shame.

That’s what mind body transformation is.

Welcome to BodyPepTalk

We help you align your mind with your goal so you can easily make the changes to transform your body.

Mind Body Coaching
Personalised Programs
Guidance, Accountability and Support
Step by Step Approach

How We Can Help You

Uncovering What Is Holding You Back

Mind Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, Internal Conflicts

Discovering What You Really Want

Purpose, Life Vision, Goals, Motivation, Commitment

Building Mind Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Thought Management

Eliminating Negative Behaviours

Smoking,  Binge Drinking, Emotional Eating

Adopting Healthier Habits

Lifestyle Change, Stress Relief, Self-Care

Making Peace with Yourself

Self-Acceptance, Body Image, Confidence

“Coaching is a guided process of self-discovery where you gain awareness of what is going on in your mind so we can address the real problem and help you more towards a healthier, happier and more empowered state . “

Carla Torres

Head Coach

Is your mind holding you back?

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