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Fitness is not a destination. It is a life-long journey full of ups and downs. To endure this emotional roller coaster, you will need mind skills such as persistence, resilience and patience.

It is not always easy but it is definitely possible. At BPT, we help people build emotional intelligence so they can tackle the challenges along the way with confidence and ease.

Welcome to BodyPepTalk

We look at fitness through a different angle!

Mindset Coaching
One on One Attention
Guidance, Accountability and Support
Holistic Approach
Focus on Progress

How Can We Help You?

Eliminating Negative Behaviours

Smoking,  Binge Drinking, Emotional Eating

Adopting Healthier Habits

Regular Exercise, Healthy Eating Patterns, Stress Relief

Building Mind Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Embracing Challenges

Making Peace with Yourself

Self-Acceptance, Body Image, Confidence

Discovering What You Really Want

Goal Setting, Motivation, Commitment

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