Exercise keeps you young longer

Exercise is the best anti-aging treatment.  

Researches show that an active lifestyle can make your body stronger and more resistant to the wear and tear of time.

Regular physical activity contributes to maintain/build muscle and bone mass, keeps your heart and lungs attuned, and improves metabolic function and hormonal production all of which prevent many chronic diseases related to aging.

Oh, and it’s never too late to start.

If you’re new to exercise, you can begin with small bouts here and there. Like going for a lap around the block when you arrive from work or taking the stairs instead of the lift. I know it doesn’t seem much but small steps are easy to do and build up your confidence. And as you get fitter, you can add the next step.

Why taking breaks is important for mental health

Are you usually so busy that you spend your day going from one task to the next with no time to breathe?

And when you hit the pillow at night your mind suddenly becomes very active. Reminding you of all the things that were left undone, reliving past experiences, worrying about the future etc.

Well, that usually happens when you don’t give yourself enough down time.


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