A New Year begins and with that comes renewed hope for a better future.

At this moment, we are generally more optimistic and enthusiastic which makes it the perfect time to design the future we would like to manifest.

So to get the best out of the positive vibes we are experiencing, I suggest the following visualisation exercise.

Sit on a comfortable position. Take three deep breaths and then close your eyes.

Relax your whole body starting from your toes, ankles, legs, hips, abdominals, lower back, rib cage, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Neck, face, forehead, top of the head and back of the head.

Feel your body completely relaxed. You feel so light it is as if you are floating. Enjoy this feeling for a couple of breaths.

I now invite you to create a mental picture of an ideal world in which you have exactly what you want. In this world there are no limitations and noting is impossible.

Take your time to look around.

What do you see?

Where are you?

What is happening around you?

Who is with you?

How is that affecting your life?

What about the sounds around you? What do you hear?

What does your inner voice say?

What about other people? Close friends, family, even strangers? What are they saying?

Now I want you to notice what emotions are present. How are you feeling? Joy, love, freedom, appreciation… Those emotions are empowering and drive you into your passion.

Invite these emotions into your body and feel them as if they were happening now. When you feel them in your body, they become real in in mind. That’s the power of this exercise.

Now, choose your favourite scene from this mind movie you’ve just created.

Pause it and notice how beautiful and satisfying this image is. It is your perfect future and that makes your heart sing. Now, adjust this image so it becomes more vivid. It feels so real you can almost touch it. That’s right.

Now it is time to save this image in a special place. A place in your mind reserved for dreams and goals. This image can be retrieved at any time and will silently work as your internal compass, guiding your steps towards the desired outcome. When you are in doubt or in need of reassurance all you need to do is go back to this image and it will tell you what to do.

Now it is time to allow your unconscious mind to consolidate your design. There is nothing else you need to do for now. Just rest assured that it will be taken care of.

Take a deep breath and when you are ready open your eyes.