Looking for some serious calorie burn? Then, this workout is for you.

It is a whole body circuit you can perform virtually anywhere. No equipment needed. Here is the exercise list:

  • Jumping Sumo squats
  • Cross plank knee tuck
  • Sprinter starter jump right leg
  • Sprinter starter jump left leg
  • Short crunches
  • Plank jacks push up combo

If you are new to exercise, perform as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds, then rest for 30 before going to the next exercise. Once you have completed a round you can rest for up to 2 minutes. Perform 5 rounds.

If you are feeling energetic and want more challenge, perform as many reps as possible in 45 sec and rest for 15 sec only. Rest up to 2 minutes between rounds. Complete 5 rounds.

The total duration of this workout is around 35 minutes.

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