Our mission is to help people change from a deeper level so they can

Take steps into a healthier, fitter and happier reality

Be free from restrictive mentality and internal pressure

Love and respect their bodies no matter where they are in their journey

Our Philosophy

You’re the Boss

Our client-centred approach ensures that you’re the one in charge of your transformation. This means that you decide what you’re ready, willing and able to do.

Personalised Approach

We understand that everyone has different wants, needs, priorities and limitations. That’s why we tailor our process to you. Not the other way around.

Deep Health

We use a holistic approach to health taking in consideration physical, psychological and social aspects. After all, you’re not just a body. You’re a whole person living a real life.

Evidence-based Practice

We use a combination of scientific evidence, professional experience and personal experimentation to help you find solutions that work for you.

Progressive Behaviour Change

We believe that permanent change comes from building skills that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also maintain the changes you’re making.

Progress over Perfection

Change is a process full of ups and downs and it can be an emotional rollercoaster. To help you manage this, we help you focus on your overall progress.

Our Holistic Approach

We consider all aspects of your life before making suggestions


This encompasses everything related to your physical health


This regards everything related to your mental, emotional and existential health


This relates to your social health: relationships, cultural background and social environment

Our exclusive B4 System™

Our system was developed using real science.

This system was designed using behaviour science and change psychology,

guiding people through the four stages below so they can change from within.

Bring to Awareness

Discovering more about yourself and what is holding you back

Break Old Patterns

Eliminating unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours

Build Better Habits

Creating strategies to install new behaviours and building skills/practices

Become a New You

Reinforcing beliefs that will complete your transformation

Why choose us?

We are different! Here’s what to expect when working with us.


We tailor our process to you.

Not the other way around.


We take in consideration all aspects of health.

Physical, Psychological and Social.


We use a step-by-step approach

that makes the process easy to follow.


Our one-on-one coaching is online.

So you can be anywhere you’d like.


We want to see you succeed.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.


You can be with us for as long as you’d like.

We won’t lock you in a contract.

Meet Your Coach

My name is Carla Torres and I’m the head coach and founder of BodyPepTalk. I started BPT to help people make peace with their own bodies so they can relax and enjoy life to its fullest.

During my career as a personal trainer, I met hundreds of people who were unhappy with their appearance and felt cheated by their bodies. Many of them were constantly worrying about food and exercise, what to wear and how they would be perceived by others.

Living like that is exhausting and frustrating. And I certainly didn’t want to make matters worse.

So as I started to understand the real issues behind the statement “I want to change my body”, I realised that if we were to succeed, we needed a different approach.

The infamous fitness mantra “exercise more and eat less” was causing more harm than good. People deserve more than a generic plan endorsed by a celebrity.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I help people regain control of their behaviours so they can make lasting changes.

We work together every step of the way from determining what they really want to overcoming roadblocks. All while building skills and emotional competence to deal with the ups and downs of the process.

Not all coaches are created equal

Here are some of my qualifications!

  • Certificate in Personal Fitness Training – UNR & ACE (USA)
  • Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness –AFPA (USA)
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness – AIF (Master Trainer)
  • Certification in Exercise Nutrition – Precision Nutrition
  • Diploma in NLP and Positive Psychology Coaching – MindBody College
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Hypnotherapy and NLP – MindBody College
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Achology
  • Certificate in Mindfulness – Transformation Academy
  • Certificate in Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery – Precision Nutrition


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