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Bodypeptalk.com is your new digital health and fitness platform. Here you will find everything you need to become more active and build a healthier lifestyle.

Our mission is to empower YOU to become fitter, healthier and more mindful of your lifestyle choices. At BPT, we believe that big results come from little efforts consistently done over time (have you heard of the compound effect?). Therefore, changes need to be implemented slowly, behaviours need to be consistent, and habits should be built overtime.

The best part is you don’t have to do this alone. Our community of like-minded individuals will give you the social support that you need to succeed and our experienced coaches will provide you with the guidance and accountability that you need to stay on track.

BPT Online Coaching features:

Custom-made programs

Work closely with a coach to set up realistic goals and create a customised plan of action that fits your current needs and lifestyle. Note: we can always make adjustments in your plan when your circumstances change (family holiday, work travel, new baby).

Go Mobile

Take your plan anywhere and everywhere. Access your plans on your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home, gym or park. That means you choose when and where to exercise, this way you’ll never miss a workout again.

Fun and Variety

With BPT you will never get bored. Gain access to an extensive exercise library, goal-centred workouts, weekly challenges, and group events. The best part is that all exercises have a short demo video, so you know exactly what to do even if you are new to exercising.

Social support and motivation

Being part of the BPT community means that you are not alone. You can post your questions and concerns, brag about your health and fitness achievements, and empower other people to excel.


Track your progress with our exclusive tools (activity log, food diary, body composition tracker). You can also receive weekly updates and daily reminders.


Push your limits with our group challenges and improve your performance by playing your competitive edge, all whilst having loads of fun.

Reliable information

Would you like to learn more about exercises, nutrition, and how your mindset works? Learn what is new in the fitness industry by joining our special interest coaching groups. Ask your questions and get straight answers that you can apply into your lifestyle.


At BPT, you can select the membership that works for you at the moment. You can choose to have everything customised for you or only the features you believe you need. No need to pay for features you aren’t going to use.


  • My name is Anne and I’m 49 years old and I have been training with Carla for 5 months at GFitness. Over this period of time, Carla has thoughtfully programmed our training sessions and is always punctual and diligent. As a result, I have lost body fat, gained muscle, improved overall strength and wellbeing. I no longer experience shoulder and back discomfort working long hours in front of a computer. I’m very impressed by Carla’s professionalism and her thorough approach to addressing the individual needs of each and every client. I highly recommend her services without reservation.”

    Anne Joun
    Anne Joun Rhodes, NSW
  • As a teenager and young adult, I was an athlete, despite persistent medical issues. Then, six years ago I had undergone two major surgeries, which took over a year for me to recover from. Thanks to Carla, I was able to gain not only muscle, but also confidence. She helped me set attainable goals which I was able to achieve and surpass quickly. I have been able to maintain a level of health with Carla’s assistance that has surprised all of my physicians. Carla’s enthusiasm for fitness and knowledge has kept me inspired to stay in shape even after she moved away. To this day, Carla still motivates me to continue working out and maintain healthy eating habits, despite being half a world away. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Carla’s assistance.

    Emily A. Ladouceur
    Emily A. Ladouceur Reno, NV
  • I just want to say thank you so much to my trainer Carla! After four weeks of training with you, I can easily see the results from the figures gained. Before I started training I didn’t have much knowledge about how I could achieve the body type I wanted and barely knew how to maintain fitness. Training with Carla was great as I never felt uncomfortable and she helped me to transform my lifestyle. Having a coach to help you focus on consistency and a healthy balanced diet makes all the difference!

    Lynette Zheng
    Lynette Zheng Rhodes, NSW


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Meet the Trainer

Your Personal Online Health & Fitness Coach

My name is Carla Torres and I’m BPT’s head coach and founder. I started just like you, with a deep desire to change my body. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by, and even afraid of, the gym environment. However, as I saw my abilities improve I became more confident and comfortable. I went from a sedentary girl with unremarkable physique to INBA MS Millennium (Nevada State Bikini Diva champion) in less than a year. It was an empowering feeling which I decided I wanted to share with the world. That’s why I became a fitness trainer. Since then, I’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients to improve body image, encourage lifestyle changes, and achieve the results they wanted.

As a wellness coach, I do my best to address all components of a healthy lifestyle: regular physical activity, good nutrition, and behaviour management. I do believe that exercise should be fun and enjoyable in order to become a lifelong habit, and that the best meal plan is the one you don’t mind following (that means no restrictions).

In my extensive experience, I have noticed that people usually fail for two reasons. First, there are the ones who try to do too much in the beginning, then become overwhelmed and lose momentum. They end up abandoning the program way before they can see significant results. Second are the “yoyo” people. Those are the ones who get results, and then stop doing what they were supposed to do, just to get back to square one.

If you want to get results and keep them, you don’t need another program. You need a lifestyle change – you need Body Pep Talk.

My Qualifications:

  • Certificate In Personal Fitness Training - UNR & ACE (USA)
  • Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness – AFPA (USA)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Level 1
  • Certificate III in Fitness – AIF
  • Certificate IV in Fitness – AIF
  • Master Trainer Certificate – AIF
  • Certification in Exercise Nutrition – PN Level 1
  • Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming – The MindBody College
  • Certification in Hypnotherapy – The MindBody College
  • Certification in Positive Psychology – The MindBody College

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