At BPT, we help people change from a deeper level so they can

Take steps into a healthier, fitter and happier reality

Be free from restrictive mentality and internal pressure

Love and respect their bodies no matter where they are in their journey

Our Philosophy

You're the Boss

You're the one in charge of your transformation. Our job is to assist you in this process. You determine what you want to change, and we help you get it done.

We respect your Uniqueness

We understand that everyone is different. Each person has their own wants, needs, priorities and limitations. That's why we tailor the process to you.

It's a Partnership

Coaching is an alliance between the client and the coach. We work together to determine what's the best course of action at any given time.

We coach you as a Whole

You're not just a body. You're a whole person living a whole life. So, we take into consideration all aspects that can affect your life and health.

Change starts from Within

To transform your body, you'll need to make changes in your internal programming. Strengthening your mindset allows you to change behaviours with ease.

We use a Systematic Approach

Progressive behaviour change leads to sustainable results. So, we've developed a step-by-step process to easily guide your transformation.

The BPT Coaching Method

Our exclusive B4 System™ was designed to rewrite internal programming, making behaviour change easier.

Bring to Awareness

Discovering more about yourself and what is holding you back

Break Old Patterns

Eliminating unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours

Build New Habits

Creating strategies to install new behaviours and building skills/practices

Become a New You

Reinforcing beliefs that will complete your transformation

Check out what clients say

This process with Carla has actually exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that I have completely got the results I was wanting and feel amazing and in so much better daily habits now that I always knew I wanted but just could never make it happen. This has completely transformed my life, I feel happier, lighter, loads more energy and I feel proud of myself. I cannot believe how easy the whole process has been compared to the painful experience it used to be when trying to use self-discipline.

B. G.

Sydney, Australia

Check out what clients say

As a teenager and young adult, I was an athlete, despite persistent medical issues. Then, six years ago I had undergone two major surgeries, which took over a year for me to recover from. Thanks to Carla, I was able to gain not only muscle, but also confidence. She helped me set attainable goals which I was able to achieve and surpass quickly. I have been able to maintain a level of health with Carla’s assistance that has surprised all of my physicians. Carla’s enthusiasm for fitness and knowledge has kept me inspired to stay in shape even after she moved away. To this day, Carla still motivates me to continue working out and maintain healthy eating habits, despite being half a world away. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Carla’s assistance.

Emily A. Ladouceur


Check out what clients say

The BPT Coaching process is life changing, it goes much far beyond diet and exercise programs, it’s where a new lifestyle takes place (says who already tried many different types of crazy diets, pills, etc). I took a decision, became aware of the mistakes I had made along the way and started reprogramming my mind for new habits and behaviours, in a very sustainable way. With focus and hard work (no magic!), this was the first time I could see results and constant progression without radical changes.

Dani Almeida

Sydney, Australia

Check out what clients say

I am glad that I committed time to to undertake this program. I did not know what to expect and embarked on this 'journey' with an open mind (well, tried to anyway-hehe). Although my 'problem', for the purposes of the program, was connected with my weight, I actually gained more out of the program than I expected to gain.

S. H.

Sydney Australia

Check out what clients say

The process was a big WOW for me, never have I looked so deep into myself as I had with this experience, the thoughts the feelings both negative and positive, what I felt and realised after shocked me so much Half of those emotions I never knew were there, made me realise how closed off I was from my own self too afraid to feel, this experience has really opened up my mind to help me work on my inner self and inner emotions things I could not see before I now see.

Rachel Pavlovic

Rhodes Austalia

Check out what clients say

I just want to say thank you so much to my trainer Carla! After four weeks of training with you, I can easily see the results from the figures gained. Before I started training I didn’t have much knowledge about how I could achieve the body type I wanted and barely knew how to maintain fitness. Training with Carla was great as I never felt uncomfortable and she helped me to transform my lifestyle. Having a coach to help you focus on consistency and a healthy balanced diet makes all the difference!

Lynette Zheng

Rhodes Australia


Why choose us?

We are different! Here's what to expect when working with us.


Tailored programs for maximum results.


Permanent change involves mind and body.


Our methods guarantees your progress.


Coaching from wherever you may be.


We are here for you.


No lock in contracts.

Meet Your Coach

My name is Carla Torres and I’m the head coach and founder of BodyPepTalk. I started BPT to help people make peace with their own bodies so they can relax and enjoy life to its fullest.

During my career as a personal trainer, I met hundreds of people who were unhappy with their appearance and felt cheated by their bodies. Many of them were constantly worrying about food and exercise, what to wear and how they would be perceived by others.

Imagine living a life like that! It’s exhausting. No wonder there was no energy left for self-love.

As I started to understand the real issues behind the statement “I want to lose weight”, I realised that if we were to succeed, we needed a different approach.

Extreme exercise and restrictive diets were causing more harm than good. People deserve more than just a generic plan endorsed by a celebrity.

As a Mind Body Coach, I help people gain control over their minds so they can go after their goals with confidence.

We work together every step of the way from determining what you really want to overcoming roadblocks. All while building mind skills and emotional intelligence so you can deal with the ups and downs of the journey.

Not all coaches are created equal

Here are my qualifications!

  • Certificate in Personal Fitness Training – UNR & ACE (USA)
  • Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness –AFPA (USA)
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness – AIF (Master Trainer)
  • Certification in Exercise Nutrition – Precision Nutrition
  • Diploma in NLP and Positive Psychology Coaching – MindBody College
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Hypnotherapy and NLP – MindBody College
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Achology
  • Certificate in Mindfulness – Transformation Academy


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