"If you are tired of starting over, you need to stop giving up."

This is probably not the first time you give fitness a try. And if you are like most people, your biggest issue isn't lack of knowledge. In fact, I am sure you know more or less what you need to do, you just can’t seem to stick to it. Therefore, the real issue here is CONSISTENCY.

But how can you make fitness part of your lifestyle without compromise your social and family life?

A Better Way of Getting Results

The fitness industry sells the idea that to get results you must go through a complete overhaul. The problem is that this approach is too overwhelming and very hard (if not impossible) to sustain. And results come from small actions consistently performed over a a long period of time.

Most people struggle with consistency because they try to rely solely on willpower to stay motivated. But that’s highly unreliable because as soon as life throws them a curve ball, they will give up.

What if there was a way of programming these little actions in your brain so they could become automatic? Wouldn’t that be helpful?

Well, that’s exactly what we do. At BPT, help you build a set of healthy habits that will support your goals and fit in your lifestyle.

If you are ready to finally get the results you deserve, become part of a community of like minded people who will celebrate your wins, hold you accountable for your actions and give the support you need to overcome roadblocks.

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Is This Program for Me?

If you:

  • Are not getting results from previous programs and are feeling frustrated and confused with the information out there.
  • Had several failed attempts to achieve results and are feeling like a failure for not being able to get results while everyone else seems to do it.
  • Suffer from Yo-yo weight-loss and went through several cycles of losing and regaining weight. You are feeling defeated and tired of restarting the process over and over.
  • Are paralysed by the amount of information available and don’t know what to do or who to follow. You are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the process.

We can help you. At BPT we don’t change people. We empower people to change.

Our work goes beyond the physical plane (exercise and nutrition). We believe that transformation must happen inside out to be sustainable. Therefore, we emphasise changes in the mindset prior to making changes in the environment and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you discover what is really holding you back and then help you overcome the limiting beliefs. It’s like reprogramming your mind to accommodate the new desired lifestyle.

If you would like if this program is right for you, book a complimentary 30-minute discovery call and let our experts help you.


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