“What I like most about Carla is that she knows how to motivate me, she is outcome focused and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals. She makes it fun and enjoyable to train and she is very motivating and encouraging! Thanks Carla”

Bruna, Rhodes, NSW

“My name is Anne and I’m 49 years of age and I have been training with Carla for 5 months at GFitness. Over this period of time, Carla has thoughtfully programmed our training sessions and is always punctual and diligent. Carla is meticulous in choosing exercises that are effective, challenging and engaging. When needed, she corrects my form through either verbal prompts or visual demonstration which has helped me to correctly perform the exercises and recruit the appropriate muscles. As a result I have lost body fat, gained muscle, improved overall strength and wellbeing. I no longer experience shoulder and back discomfort working long hours in front of a computer. I’m very impressed by Carla’s professionalism and her thorough approach to addressing the individual needs of each and every client. I highly recommend her services without reservation.”

Anne Joun, Rhodes, NSW

edward“I started training with Carla half a year ago, during these six months, Carla helps me not only build my body, but also my confidence, unlike other trainers who love pushing their trainee to something impossible, Carla always makes sure that every exercise she designs is feasible yet still challenging for me. Body building requires both time and patience, but Carla guides me to build my body in the most efficient way, train with her once, and I bet you would like another.”

Edward Dong, Rhodes, NSW

“Fitness has always been a dream for me which seemed unachievable until I met Carla…A dedicated, trustworthy and sincere Fitness Master trainer to work with. She somehow keeps things going and the result from the workouts she plans are incredible. As a food coach she has been great help. Helping follow easy and realistic food patterns has really brought in great results to my health. I’m really thankful to her for getting me back on great fitness routine while keeping me motivated at the same time. She is a great person to work with, I wish her the best fro all her future endeavours.”

Asma Gul, Rhodes, NSW

lynette“Just wanna say thank you so much for my trainer and friend Carla, after four weeks training with you, the result can be easily seen from those figures, BF% etc. Before I met you I didn’t have much knowledge about how can I achieve the body type I want and barely know what it is fitness. It was definitely you who lead me the way to fitness and healthy lifestyle. It was really great to be trained by you, the whole process didn’t make me feel painful or uncomfortable. Just focus on training consistency and healthy diet, everyone can make it. Again, thank you so much. :)”

Lynette Zheng, Rhodes, NSW

“Thank you for being such an awesome person! You helped me get my drive to work out and be a better me. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. I joined a running group and I’m doing better than ever. Thank you”

Crystal Pascoe, Reno, NV

“As a teenager and young adult, I was an athlete, despite persistent medical issues. Then, six years ago I had undergone two major surgeries, which took over a year for me to recover from. Carla came to me and asked if I would like assistance getting back in shape. I took her up on her offer. She worked with me for over two years. Thanks to Carla, I was able to gain not only muscle, but also confidence. She helped me set attainable goals which I was able to achieve and surpass quickly. I have been able to maintain a level of health with Carla’s assistance that has surprised all of my physicians. Carla’s enthusiasm for fitness and knowledge has kept me inspired to stay in shape even after she moved away. To this day, Carla still motivates me to continue working out and maintain healthy eating habits, despite being half a world away. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Carla’s assistance.”

Emily A. Ladouceur, Reno, NV

“I had been doing group training with Carla at her home for a couple of years, but when I got engaged in March of 2011 I had a renewed sense of focus; I wanted to look my best on my wedding day. She agreed to help me achieve my goal and we worked together to set up a schedule. We met two days a week for thirty minute circuit training sessions. She made great effort, traveling to a location near me even though it was not as convenient for her. Carla showed utmost professionalism in taking my measurements and calculating reasonable goals. What I appreciated most was her eternal optimism, celebrating my achievements no matter how big or small. This helped me stay motivated even when I felt like giving up. We worked out whether it was rain or shine, one morning it was a frigid seven degrees! We trained together up until my wedding in July of 2012. Through Carla’s personal training I lost weight and inches and in turn gained the self-confidence and positive self image that helped me feel my best on my special day. It was a priceless gift that I will be infinitely grateful for.”

Valerie Lemon, Reno, NV