Body Transformation

personal transformation

What kind of results can you expect from your training?

The results you get are directly proportional to your dedication. First, you must realize that body transformation is a non-linear process, meaning that it has its ups and downs. Keep in mind that consistency is the most important determining factor of success and being accountable to someone helps, specially during the difficult moments when you want to give up. Here, I share with you, Honey’s  8-week process. She had excellent results due to her dedication but it was not a smooth path.

before after

Before starting her training with me, she didn’t have much exercise experience but she was determined to change her body. So, we agreeded to work together three times per week, in 30-minute sessions (short but quite intense). She also made small adjustments on her diet, mostly eliminating highly processed foods. The beginning was rough because she experienced severe muscle soreness after the first few sessions, but I assured her that it would get easier as her body got used to exercise. And it did. She became stronger and fitter as the weeks passed; her body shape changed and her measurements dropped. Then, life got busier and her commitment began to fall. We talked a lot about how overwhelmed she was feeling and figured out ways to cope with the stress. And she got back on track. But her journey has just began as her long-term goal is make exercise part of her lifestyle.