All BPT programs are designed to help you achieve the best results possible.

With every program you will:
  • Have access to the online platform and mobile app where you will find your exercises, nutrition plan, progress tracking, challenges and performance.
  • Work closely with an experienced coach to create a plan of action that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Here is what you can expect:
    1. Initial consultation: fitness goals with a realistic timeline, motivation, personality type.
    2. Assessments: Pre exercise questionnaire, fitness assessments, dietary assessment. The goal is to determine the guidelines to design your personalised program.
    3. Exercise program: personalised based on your goals, fitness level, exercise experience, time availability, access to equipment.
    4. Nutrition plan and food coaching: guidelines for calorie allowance, macronutrient distribution, sample meal plan with recipes, step by step habit change based on your current dietary behaviours.
    5. Progress tracking: exercise adherence, dietary guidelines adherence, habit building adherence, body composition changes, performance achievements.
    6. Weekly check ins: weekly emails from your coach in order to answer any questions you may have, to make you accountable for your actions and help you get over any roadblocks.
  • Have access to the BPT community: this is your fitness community in which you will find social support, participate in exercise challenges, find nutrition tips, be inspired and inspire others to continue.

BPT Mini Makeover

This plan is Suitable for:
  • Weight-loss 6 kg or less.
  • Body sculpting experienced exercisers.
  • General fitness beginners.
Kick-start your health & fitness journey today with our 12 weeks of fitness! Three months for $100/week

BPT Deluxe Makeover

This plan works for:
  • Weight-loss between 7 and 15 kg.
  • Body sculpting intermediate.
  • General fitness and maintenance intermediate.
Get your body back in 6 months, there’s never a better time than now to start your health and fitness journey! Six months for $90/week (save $440)

BPT Ultimate Makeover

Feel 10 years younger in just a year as you attain and maintain your fitness goals. This plan is suitable for:
  • Weight-loss more than 15kg. Lose and learn how to maintain the kg off.
  • Body sculpting beginners.
  • General fitness and maintenance advanced.
One year for $80/week (save $1360)


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