Challenge Workout: Chest and Triceps Supersets

Are you bored with your regular workouts and looking for a challenge? Then give this one a try.

The workout:

  1. First superset – Cable chest press for 12 reps (choose a load heavy enough to allow you to perform 12 reps (and 12 only) + alternating ball push ups for as many as possible (go to fatigue, only stop when you can’t perform any more reps). No rest between the two exercises and minimum rest between sets (up to 2 minutes). Perform 5 sets.
  2. Second superset – Bar dips for as many reps as possible (you may use an assisted dip machine or bands if you can’t perform body weight ones) + cable push down for 15 to 20 reps.
  3. Third superset – Overhead triceps extension with dumbbell for 12 reps + TRX hugs (adjust the intensity level by stepping closer to/away from the anchor point) for 20 reps.

Working out with the Trainer: Glutes and Hamstrings

Hey guys

Here goes my new Glutes and Hamstring program. This routine focus on the posterior chain. In order to increase the challenge I chose to set up exercises in trisets and supersets. I also used a body weight exercise going to muscle failure as a finisher.

Triset (no rest between exercises, repeat 3 times):

  • Slow squats on smith machine – the goal here is to focus on the eccentric part of the movement. So work the descend in four to five counts, then come up in one count, thrusting the hip forward at the end of the movement to engage the glutes. Also chose a weight that is heavy enough to enable you to perform a maximum of 5 repetitions. (working on strength)
  • Deadlift with the Hex bar – this is a regular deadlift using full range (from the floor). 10 reps max (working on muscle growth)
  • Jumping lunges – body weight, 20 reps. Enjoy the burn (working on endurance).

Superset (no rest between exercises, repeat 4 times):

  • Leg extension – I know this is a quad exercise and you must be thinking why this exercise is here. Well, the goal her is to exhaust the quadriceps prior to targeting hamstrings in order to improve hammy muscle recruitment. Perform 12 reps.
  • Lying leg curl – Perform 12 to 16 reps (try going to temporary failure)

Finisher (single set to failure)

  • Sliding leg curl with

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